676 MW Used Coal Power Plant


Alternatively, we can offer the 600 MW Coal Power Plant.

676 MW Used Coal Power Plant

Net Power: 676 MW

Commissioning: 1997

Heating: Coal

Steam Generators

Manufacturer: Energy and Process Engineering GmbH(EVT)

Type: RP1043X

Steam Output: 2.200 t/h

Year: 1998

Power: 2200 t steam/h

Temperature Steam: 537oC

Steam Turbine

Manufacturer: Siemens

Year / In Operation: 1978 / 1979

Type: Axial condensing turbine HD-MD-ND Series Fbr.-Nr7222

Power: 740 MW

Speed: 3000 n/m


Manufacturer: Power Plant Union

Year : 1978

Speed : 50 Hz

Active Power :717 MVA

Voltage :21 kV

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