Used Coal Power Plant

Used Coal Power Plant

Steam Turbine

First commissioning: 1969

Turbine:Siemens Fabr.Nr. 4122

Power output:55.000 kW

Live steam pressure:90 bar

Live steam temperature:525°C

Design Pressure: 108 bar

Steam generation:190 t/h

Moto rating: 150 kW


First commissioning:1969
Generator: WSW – Type FT

Rated output:62.500 kVA

Nominal voltage:10.5 kV

Nominal amperage:3440 A


First commissioning:1969

Apparent power:60.000 kVA

Upper voltage:125 kV

Lower voltage: 10.5 kV
Steam generation: 190 t/h
Design pressure: 108 bar
Live steam pressure: 90 bar
Live steam temperature: 525 °C
Capacity of conveyors from railway siding: 250 t/h
Capacity of conveyors to unit: 250 t/h

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