Gas Fuel System
· Natural gas only
· Stainless steel gas piping
· Duplex gas strainer
· Off base gas fuel module in a standardized location
· Gas fuel temperature < 365°F (185°C)
· Gas fuel heating system
— Electric heater, full load
· Gas fuel cleaning equipment
— Fuel gas scrubber, cyclone type
· Duplex, low pressure fuel filters, on-base

  • Dual Fuel (gas and HFO/Diesel Fuel)
  • 50 Hz Frequency (Achieved with reduction gearbox)
  • 11 Kv generator output voltage
  • HV transformers can be supplied
  • Units will be supplied installed and commissioned
  • Units will be supplied with New control system
  • Units will be supplied with 6 year long term maintenance agreement
  • Units can also benefit from an efficiency upgrade via the installation of inlet chilling. A typical enhancement of 10% can be expected. A detailed analysis will be delivered upon knowledge of exact location.

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