Used GE gas turbine. Advantage price;  2 X 65 MW + 130 MW combined cycle power plants.

Used GE Gas Turbine

Gas Turbine

Manufacturer: GE France

Manufacturing date: 2001

Capacity: 42 MW

Model Type: Frame 6B-PG 6581B

Efficiency: 31%-33%

Steam Turbine

Manufacturer: Siemens NL

Manufacturing date: 2002

Capacity: 22 MW

Model Type: NK 50/90-B1 DASL HP/LP

Efficiency: 31%-33%

Heat Recovery Steam Generator

Manufacturer: SFL B.V

Manufacturing date: 2002

Production of steam, ton/hr: 65


GT Manufacturer: GE

ST Manufacturer: Siemens


Manufacturer: ABB

Model: 211800/900

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