Used MAN HFO Power Plant 2 units 12 MW. Used power plant for sale. Advantage price in WARTSILA GE MAN DEUTZ used power plants. from 40 mw to 500 mw

Used MAN HFO Power Plant

Manufacturer(Engine): MAN B&W

Manufacturer Type: 2X9 L58/64

Output: 2X12170 KW at 100 % load

Speed: 428 rpm

Exhaust gas temp//volume: 361oC+-/15%//kg/h

Alternator: Siemens

Output: 15200 kVA

Frequency: 50 Hz

Speed: 428.6 rpm

Voltage:11 kV
The above mentioned Power plant was visited in order to carry out 6000 hours planned meintanence after 24000 running hours planned maintanence. During the maintenance the below listed and detailed overhauling was done and found to our satisfactory.

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