Used Oil Refinery for Sale

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Used Oil Refinery

275000 bpd  Used Oil Refinery

Used Oil refinery is a simple hydrpskimming plant which can only refine %60 of  crude to higher value lighter products, with the rest as heavier fuel oils. With the excess refining capacity and falling margins it was more challinging to operate the refinery at adequate margins. In addition to refinery was limited to types of crude that could be processed through the plant. The plant was installed with a corrosion chemical addition system to allow the processesing of higher acidity crudes, but was still limited. An upgrade program was developed to upgrade the refinery from from its current hydroskimming configuration to a full conversion refinery capable of processesing an entirely sour crude slate. Proposed upgrade project comprised of a high conversion VGA hydrocracker, a delayed coker, a coker distillate hydrotreater, hydrogen plants, sulphur recovery units and other supporting units. Completion of the upgrade program would allow the refinery to operate on a significantly lower cost Urals crude oil slate versus the historic sweet, light crude slate.

Used Oil Refinery

Atmospheric crude distillation plant has a capacity of 275,000 bbl/day. It is capable of handling two trains of crude input and has some capability to process acidic crude oils by the use of corrosion additives and the addition of corrosion monitoring equipment.  Refinery was limiting crude charge acidity to a maximum of 0,7 total acid number, although the additive provider claims that’s its additive package should provide protection up to 2.0TAN. The crude unit has two separate parallel preheat trains, which are used to run different crude oils at the same time.

180000 bpd Oil Refinery

Unit Purpose: C5/C6 Isomerization unit was built to offset  reduction in gasoline benzene and the resulting gasoline pool octane deficit. It comprises three sections,  Dehexanizer (Dehex), Penex and Molex. Dehex separates the C5s and C6s from the CCR feed and directs them to the Penex Unit. C6 portion of the Naphtha feed contains benzene precursors that would go on to form benzene in the CCR if not removed in Dehex. Penex Unit takes the C5 and C6 components and creates Isomerate by converting n-C5s and n-C6s into iso-C5s and iso-C6s.  Penex Unit also destroys benzene by saturating it to cyclohexane. Molex Unit takes Isomerate from  Penex Unit and separates to  Penex Unit and iso-paraffins from Isomerate product. Isomerate is a high octane component that can be blended to the gasoline pool.  Penex-Molex was designed to boost  fresh feed RONC from 64.7 to 87.7 (Arab Light) or 73.4 to 88.4 (Beryl/ Statfjord).

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